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Welcome to Elevon from Pathway Law. Elevon simplifies and modernizes corporate legal record-keeping and makes it easier and more affordable to access legal services for your business.


Percentage of jobs in Ontario supplied by the private sector in 2021.‡


Number of active businesses operating in Ontario in 2022.‡


Number of federal corporations older than 50 years in Canada in 2020.*


Number of annual minutes we’ve filed over the last decade.


Years of experience in Commercial and Corporate Law.

Elevon is your incredible market advantage with affordable legal service plans for corporations.

Elevon is a legal service plan for businesses that simplifies and modernizes corporate governance and record-keeping, features corporate law services, and has other benefits designed to support your business goals, and reinforce your competitive edge.

Uncertain about the condition of your company’s records?

Choosing an Elevon legal service plan is always well-timed and worthwhile, especially when the condition of your corporation’s record-keeping is uncertain or unknown. Achieving an essential baseline level of organizational health is our first priority for all Pathway Law Elevon clients. We thoroughly evaluate the minute book for every new business that joins. This allows our team to pinpoint gaps and shortcomings, and to also do what’s necessary to bring the minute book up to date before finishing the onboarding process.

An additional fee is charged for corrective services to corporate records. Our team will connect with you if your minute book is affected.

Boost the health of your business.

Overlooking crucial pillars of stability leaves you vulnerable to risks and limits your potential for growth. Elevon ensures the health of your organization, setting the stage for opportunity and advancement.

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Dreams and ambitions will lead you forward, and our years of experience with corporate, commercial, and business law will help you attain your visionary goals.

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Outcomes you can depend on

Good record-keeping is a strong indicator of organizational health and resilience. Elevon helps to rectify deficiencies and return your business to marketable health.

Elevon sets the standard for excellence.

vital access to legal services

Pathway Law’s affordable legal service plans for business places an emphasis on corporate compliance. We know that your future success depends on meeting these requirements at both the provincial and federal level.

Businesses miss out on golden opportunities every day, their growth stunted by challenges that could have been prevented. Be ready with the professional support offered by Elevon.

Elevon empowers your business to thrive

Our corporate law team at Pathway Law is headquartered in Southwestern Ontario and serves businesses located everywhere within the province. You can reach us using a variety of methods allowing you to work seamlessly, efficiently, and affordably with our supportive team. Elevon lays a solid foundation for success helping your business reach it’s growth potential.

Be healthy, be resilient, be ready for whatever comes your way.

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